High-Impact Mentoring

High-Impact Mentoring: A Book Whose Time Has Come

We’ve never needed mentors more than we do now. The world is in a state of intense chaos, change, and uncertainty. Employees need the right skill set and mindset to navigate these unprecedented times, while companies need the right culture to develop and nurture these skills and attitudes. No one is born knowing how to work and lead in this environment. We need role models, teachers, and coaches—mentors—to show us the way.

That’s why Bert Thornton and Dr. Sherry Hartnett wrote High-Impact Mentoring. It’s meant to 1) teach readers how to be a great mentor and 2) help organizations operationalize the power of mentoring. Bert, former president and COO of Waffle House, offers “across the table” advice on one-on-one mentoring. Sherry, founding director of the University of West Florida’s Executive Mentor Program, lays out a framework to help companies put their own program in place.

Just a few of the insights readers will learn:

  • The many surprising ways mentoring benefits individuals and organizations
  • The core attributes of a great mentor (Hint: Five of them are indisputable “must-haves”!)
  • Essential characteristics to look for in a mentee
  • The “Eight Great Social Tells” and how they should shape the mentoring you provide 
  • How to create a “Learn List” to guide your mentee’s journey
  • Five fundamental concepts that, when absorbed, give mentees a huge head start
  • Skills and principles to emphasize when mentoring aspiring leaders and exceptional superstars
  • Seven vital steps your organization must follow to create a robust mentoring program
  • Why the “champion” you choose will make or break your mentoring program (and how to find the right one)
  • The crucial importance of making a business case for your program up front
  • How to set solid goals and actionable metrics up front and evaluate them regularly 
  • How to recruit the best mentors and mentees and match-make them for maximum impact
  • The pros and cons of virtual mentoring—and the seven steps for doing it right

High-Impact Mentoring is packed with practical, easy-to-grasp tips and tactics. But it’s much more than just a how-to guide; it’s a fun, readable dose of wisdom and inspiration. Filled with real-world stories and case studies, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of others…and any organization seeking to engage employees, attract and retain talent, and become a better place to work.